Burn Injury Attorney Lexington, KY

Burn injuries can be the most painful injury a person may suffer. Often, burn injuries can lead to death or serious paralysis. Sadly, burn injuries are frequently a result of a defective product that was not properly tested or manufactured. Burn injuries are preventable when companies properly research, manufacture, test, and warn about their products. Attorneys Golden and Peterson are experienced in handling cases involving significant burn injuries and will hire the appropriate experts to assist in assessing your case including scientific experts to discuss product defects, to reconstruct a fire scene, to determine cause and origin, and medical experts including pathologists and/or toxicologists to assess the mechanism of injury and smoke inhalation.


Most importantly, you must hire an attorney with an excellent trial record and proven results. Insurance companies often value a case based on the attorneys trial record and prior verdicts. Golden and Peterson have obtained millions of dollars from at-fault parties and insurance companies as a result of burn injuries.


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