Defective Products

Defective products are usually negligently manufactured, designed or inherently dangerous. Large companies may put financial profits in front of consumer safety. As a result, many products which are manufactured outside of the United States, including places like China, are not properly tested or inspected before shipping to the U.S.. Large companies then market the product sometimes making false or misleading claims about the product’s safety. With an eye toward profit, some companies fail to warn the consumer public about the risks associated with use of their product.


Matters involving products liability are often difficult and expensive to litigate. However, the injuries suffered as a result of product defects are often catastrophic and life changing both for the injured and their family. Expert testimony is almost always necessary to prove that a product is defective and that the defective product caused an injury. Golden Law Office is experienced in dealing with teams of experts to determine all at-fault parties, the nature of a product’s defect, and the consequences of the product defect.


It is imperative that you hire an attorney with an excellent trial record and proven results. In 2014, Dale pursued a lawsuit in Federal Court against a manufacturer of a space heater out of New Jersey. Dale retained experts to look at several exemplar space heaters as well as the remnants of the space heater from the fire in an effort to determine the cause of the fire. The experts determined that the most likely cause of the fire was due to an internal defect in the space heater. Due to the carnage caused by fire, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the ignition. Only by hiring the best experts and aggressively pursuing the case, is a settlement of $3.89 million reached. Call us now for a free consultation.


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