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Lexington Class Action Lawyer

At Golden Law Office, our Lexington class action lawyers represent clients for largescale lawsuits against corporations, businesses, insurance agencies, and other groups that have committed fraud, performed wrongful actions, or placed dangerous products or drugs on the market. A class action lawsuit is a single claim comprised of multiple cases against the same group or corporation with the aim of reaching a favorable settlement that will benefit everyone involved.

When forming a class action lawsuit, the interests of multiple plaintiffs are united in one common goal—to receive a settlement that not only helps every plaintiff individually, but also forces a corporation or group that is acting wrongfully or fraudulently to change the way they are doing business. Class action lawsuits inspire change on a greater scale than individual claims and often gather media attention along the way. This fact alone can prevent future fraudulent or wrongful actions from taking place.

Class actions level the playing field. When a major corporation commits a civil crime, a single lawsuit may not do much to encourage the company to change policies or procedures that allowed the crime to happen. It’s much harder for a corporation to ignore a class action lawsuit. The evidence begins to stack up and suddenly the company finds their reputation on the line unless they act and do what’s right.

A class action is a type of mass tort claim, but whereas mass torts are comprised of multiple separate claims each claiming separate damages and injuries, etc., a class action is a single claim involving several different plaintiffs. The damages and reported injuries between every victim are generally the same if not similar. Class actions are ideal for cases that involve victims who suffered from similar losses.

What Types of Cases Do Class Action Lawsuits Cover?

A class action lawsuit can be for just about any case or situation that affects multiple victims and is against a single group, entity, corporation, or insurance agency. Class actions typically involve larger businesses and corporations since they have a statistical higher chance of affecting numerous clients or consumers, but this isn’t always the case.

Some common types of class action lawsuits include the following:

  • Consumer fraud claims
  • Intellectual property claims
  • Product liability claims involving dangerous drugs (as noted above, if the victims have suffered from different symptoms/side effects, a mass tort claim be filed instead)
  • Product liability claims involving defective medical devices (as noted above, if the victims have suffered from different symptoms/side effects, a mass tort claim may be filed instead)
  • Defective product claims not listed above
  • Age, race, or gender discrimination claims
  • Unfair advertising claims
  • Antitrust or unfair competition claims
  • Government or agency fraud claims
  • Investor fraud claims
  • Employee wage/benefit claims

If you feel your potential case may involve other victims or potentially involve future victims, you should get in touch with Golden Law Office to find out if we may be able to assist you. There’s a good chance that if your case involves a major corporation or manufacturer, there may be other injured victims out there who may come forward. We will take the time to evaluate your situation and we will never charge for an initial consultation.

How Can a Lexington Class Action Attorney Help Me?

At Golden Law Office, we can help you have a voice. Class action lawsuits are a powerful way to speak against injustice because they cannot be swept under the rug. If you or a loved one has suffered or been injured due to a decision or action taken by a corporation, agency, or other organization, taking part in a class action lawsuit can let your family potentially receive financial compensation that can go towards the costs of recovery as well as protect future victims from getting harmed in the same way.

By contacting our law office, you will never have to pay any out-of-pocket attorney’s fees. We receive our fees from a successful case reward or settlement. This means that our lawyers are 100% invested in a successful outcome that favors our clients. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We can pair you with a class action lawyer in Lexington, KY who will be happy to speak with you regarding your potential claim.


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