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Lexington School Law Lawyer

Schools and educational institutions must follow federal and state laws. If you have reason to believe that someone at an educational institution in Kentucky—whether it’s a school your child attends, a school you work at, or a college where you witnessed unlawful conduct occur—acted or treated someone unlawfully, you may be able to seek legal aid from a Lexington school law lawyer. Doing so may change school policies for the better and protect current and future students.

Laws sanction our schools, colleges, and educational institutions. Without these laws in place, teachers, administrators, school boards, and other educators would be free to govern students however they please. Education laws protect students and educators alike, ensuring that students get the best education possible and that educators are fairly protected.

When a teacher, administrator, school board, superintendent, or other educator fails to recognize or follow these laws, legal action may stop them in their tracks. By filing a lawsuit against a guilty educator, school district, or facility, they will be forced to correct their actions, treat students and professionals fairly, and may have to pay the consequences if their unlawful activities are severe enough. In addition, an educational institution may take actions to prevent similar activities in the future.

At Golden Law Office, we care about Kentucky’s schools, colleges, and educational institutions. Our education lawyers work hard to protect our students. We’re happy to speak with you regarding a potential education claim you may have.

What Claims Can Be Filed Against an Educational Institution?

School law claims vary considerably based on the unlawful acts that were committed and in what capacity. At Golden Law Office, we focus on civil education claims and may be able to help you file a claim for the following acts of wrongful conduct:

  • Cases where any basic civil rights are not followed including the right to equal access and the right to special education.
  • Cases where discrimination occurs—including acts of sexual, gender, religious, racial, background, age, or financial discrimination or violence. Title IX and Title VII protect students and educators alike in these situations and are often handled in a civil court capacity.
  • Classroom issues including classroom harassment, abuse, student bullying, and student discipline.
  • Technology issues including those related to student privacy or cyberbullying.
  • Cases involving bodily harm or injury.
  • Student transportation issues.
  • Issues pertaining to wrongful decisions made by the school board or board of education, their employees, and their agents.
  • Compliance issues.
  • Matters pertaining to hiring and termination, due process, tribunals, retaliation claims, and whistleblower claims (for teachers, school staff members, and administrators).

In addition, if you have a potential case that is not outlined above, we encourage you to get in touch with our law office today. We may be able to help. Our years of experience give us the expertise to handle a wide variety of claims pertaining to all educational matters.

How Can a Lexington Education Law Attorney Help Me?

By filing a civil claim against a school, education board, teacher, or other professional that acted unlawfully or wrongfully, you may be able to receive potential compensation in addition to helping protect future students. With competent legal counsel, you can send a message that cannot be ignored. Our litigators are prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure Kentucky’s children get the best education possible.

For more information or for a zero-obligation case consultation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Golden Law Office today. Together, we can pave a brighter future for our students.

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