School Law Attorney Lexington, KY

School cases often involve complex issues such as sovereign immunity and qualified immunity. Dale has represented school boards, Superintendents, Principals and teachers in cases ranging from wrongful termination, reverse discrimination, and whistleblower. In addition to representing school personnel, Dale has represented several students who have experienced bullying to such an extent that they have sought psychiatric treatment. In addition to employment and bullying, Dale has defended school districts in matters involving bus crashes wherein he third-partied in the manufacturer of the bus to assert a crashworthiness claim.


When school personnel are terminated, they are entitled to participate in a tribunal hearing to contest the adverse employment action. Dale has successfully maneuvered the tribunal process to obtain a favorable result. Also, Dale has handled a personal injury case wherein a Kentucky high school student was stabbed with an eight inch butcher knife that missed the student’s heart by less than an inch. Regardless of the type of school case, Golden and Peterson are well versed in representing those who have been treated unfairly by our state’s school system.


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