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Lexington Wrongful Termination Lawyer

The vast majority of wrongful termination claims involving employment retaliation and discrimination matters handled by the Golden Law Office come from attorney referrals. We receive these referrals because the law involving employment retaliation and discrimination is quickly evolving. An employer’s HR representative or entire HR department is likely trained on the evolving law. Also, HR departments are sometimes trained or coached by attorneys on how to terminate employees without subjecting the employer to a lawsuit.

At the outset, the employee who uncovers and reports wrongdoing, whether its abuse of adults in violation of KRS Chapter 209, financial mismanagement, discrimination pursuant to KRS 344.040 or retaliation pursuant to KRS 344.280, is at a significant disadvantage. Golden Law Office is here to help. Attorney Dale Golden is up to date on the changes and nuances in this complicated area of law and are ready, willing and able to handle your employment retaliation or discrimination case.

What Are Common Examples of Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful terminations occur when an employer fires someone for an illegal reason. There are clear rules that show what is and what isn’t an acceptable reason to fire someone.

Some illegal reasons include:

  • Discrimination. No one can be fired solely dur to their gender, race, background, religion, or disability.
  • Retaliation for a Complaint. If you found that your employer was doing something unlawful and filed a complaint against them, the employer cannot fire you in retaliation.
  • Breach of Contract. You may have an employee contact that states reasons listing why you could be terminated from the position. If you’re terminated and it’s not because of one of those reasons listed, you may have been wrongfully terminated.
  • Treated Differently. While an employer may fire you for poor performance, you may have been treated differently than your colleagues. Differential treatment is grounds for a wrongful termination claim. Differential treatment means that had another person been in your position and did the same quality of work, they may not have lost their job. In cases like this, your lawyer can help you find out if your employer was treating you differently than your coworkers and why.

Because some of these reasons are difficult to prove, it’s best to work with your wrongful termination lawyer from that start. They’ll know the best course of action to take to help make your case successful.

Get Help from a Lexington Wrongful Termination Lawyer

You must hire an attorney with an excellent trial record and proven results in handling employment retaliation and discrimination matters. Insurance companies often value a case based on the attorney’s trial record and prior verdicts. Previously, Dale Golden defended employers in wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and other employment related actions. Now, Golden is are ready to put his experience and knowledge to use for you. Golden Law Office has obtained millions of dollars in jury verdicts from employers and their insurance carriers as a result of employment retaliation and discrimination.

When you need a wrongful termination attorney in Lexington, KY call us at (859) 469-5000 for a free consultation. We’re ready to help you get a favorable settlement.

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