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3 Devices Parents of Teen Drivers Will Love

Published on Jul 20, 2017 at 4:05 pm in Blog.

lawyers It’s every parent’s nightmare, getting a call in the middle of the night to inform you that your teenager has been in a serious car accident. Between the damage to the vehicles, the threat of serious brain injury, the lawyers, and the question of liability, car crashes are difficult enough to handle without the involvement of your children.

But fortunately for parents, there are a number of new devices and apps that can help greatly diminish the risk of your child experiencing an accident. These new tools are designed to address a number of the most common causes of accidents and keep you both out of the hospital or the office of your lawyers.

We’ve put together a list of tools that can help give parents a piece of mind while their children are behind the wheel.

It’s common knowledge that cell phones contribute to the number of accidents each year. After all, at any point during the day, around 660,000 people are using cellphones or some other electronic device while driving.

Text blocking has been a priority of technology companies for years, but now new apps are coming out that can help parents remove the temptation for the children to check their phone better than ever before.

Ignition Interlock Devices
While these tools first originated as a way of keeping people convicted of a DUI or DWI from committing a repeat offense, they are quickly gaining popularity with parents. These devices require users to breathe into a breathalyzer and will not allow the car to be started if alcohol is detected in a high enough level.

These tools are especially helpful for teenagers who might be experimenting with alcohol for the first time and do not fully understand the way it affects their decision-making skills and motor functions.

Tracking Systems
Tracking systems can be plugged directly into a car’s onboard diagnostic link and can monitor anything speeding to driving outside of the bounds set by the parent. Many of these devices can be linked directly to your cellphone, allowing you to receive real-time updates should your child be engaging in reckless driving.

While that may not be deterrent enough for every child, at least you can have more oversite into the way your child is driving and be able to treat them accordingly.

Every day, new tools are being created to help parents better monitor their young drivers, and to better protect them from behaviors that can have dire consequences. But just because your children are responsible behind the wheel. doesn’t meant that everyone is.

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