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Dog Bites: Who’s Responsible?

Published on Aug 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm in Blog.

Each and every year, there are thousands of Americans who suffer injuries as a result of being
bitten by a dog. While they may not all be serious injuries, the vast majority of them result in a trip to the doctor at the very least. In some cases, the dog owner can be held responsible for the damage of the bite. It is not automatically the fault of the owner, but you should contact a local german-shepherd-166972_640Lexington dog bite lawyer to see what your options are if you are bitten. Kentucky is a strict liability state in regards to dog bites, which makes dog owners responsible for the actions of their dogs.

Despite the strict liability, a dog owner can still fight to have a percentage of the damage pushed back on the victim. In scenarios like this, the dog owner will try to prove that the victim caused the animal to act as a result of negligent behavior or a fault of the victim. The dog owner can also pass blame to a third party, such as in a case where a person other than the owner was looking over the dog.

Even when a dog owner does not try to assign fault to the victim, dog bite cases are difficult to prove. In order to establish that the dog owner is fully responsible for the bite, a few factors must be examined. The age of the victim, the dangerous nature of the dog and the circumstances that caused the bite must all be thoroughly inspected.

For this reason, it is very important to seek the counsel of a Lexington dog bite lawyer if you are bitten. The attorneys at Golden Law Office can assist you in presenting your case and recovering damages, including medical expenses, property damage, any wages you lost and more. The faster you contact a legal professional, the easier it is to document the attack. On the flip side, if you are the owner of a dog and are being sued for a dog bite, we can also help at Golden Law Office.

Dog bites can cause serious injuries and can also have a profound emotional effect on the victim. Be sure to protect yourself by getting in touch with a Lexington dog bite lawyer.

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