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Golden Law Office Asks for Information Regarding Murder of Amber Spradlin

Published on Jun 30, 2023 at 4:15 pm in News.

Yesterday afternoon, a press conference was held at the Floyd County Courthouse in Prestonsburg, Kentucky to discuss the murder investigation of Amber Spradlin, a 38-year-old woman who was found dead at a home on Arkansas Creek on June 18th. There are many questions left unanswered regarding her death. If you’re interested in watching the press conference, you may do so here.

Amber Spradlin’s body was found at a horrific, bloody scene. Foul play was suspected early on, but other than that, hardly any details about her death were made public. According to a family member at the press conference, Amber was attacked and violently stabbed at least 11 times. Multiple devastating wounds were found on her head and neck, and part of the murder weapon was even found inside her face. Her body was found in a home belonging to local dentist Michael McKinney, but no details have been released regarding why she was there or who was with her at the time of her death.

Afterwards it was discovered that someone at the house had made a call to 911, but emergency personnel never came out to the location. The reason for this is currently being investigated. The Kentucky State Police has not issued any statements regarding what happened, but information suggests that there was perhaps a dispatching issue at the Prestonsburg 911 center.

It’s possible that a recent change in the way 911 dispatches are handled in the City of Prestonsburg may have played a role. During the press conference, Floyd County’s decision to transfer the 911 emergency call center from Kentucky State Police Post 9 in Pikeville to the City of Prestonsburg’s 911 call center came heavy under scrutiny.

Dale Golden of Golden Law Office spoke at the press conference and is representing the family members of Amber Spradlin who are seeking justice for the horrific acts done to Amber. Dale asked for members of the community to assist in helping build out the case and determine who is responsible for Amber’s murder. As part of building out the case, he also requested that anyone who has experienced delays or ignored calls with local 911 dispatchers to reach out to Golden Law Office.

If anyone has any information about this case or has experienced issues with the 911 call centers in Floyd County or Fayette County, please get in touch with Golden Law Office. We’re eager to do whatever we can to help Amber Spradlin’s loved ones and the local community determine how this terrible crime happened and stop instances of this nature from happening again.

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