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How Safe Is Your Loved One’s Skilled Nursing Facility?

Published on May 23, 2019 at 2:27 pm in Nursing Home Abuse.

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Choosing a skilled nursing facility for your loved one can be a difficult decision. It’s likely there are a number of facilities nearby to choose from, and determining which one is safest isn’t always an easy task. You want the best for your loved one, and they deserve to live in a facility that provides them access to the physical, mental, emotional, and social resources they need to live a high-quality life.

If you’re looking to find the safest option for your family member, there are state and federal resources you can turn to. In addition to that, there are things you can look out for when you visit establishments for the first time and when you return to see your loved one.

Signs Your Loved One’s Potential Nursing Home Is Safe

To ensure your senior loved one’s move is a positive and smooth transition, it’s crucial to find a good nursing home with a safe environment and supportive staff. You may feel overwhelmed when making the decision, but taking the following tips into consideration can help you feel confident with what you and your family decide:

  • Check the Reviews. Before scheduling a visit anywhere, read reviews on the local nursing homes. If you notice a certain facility has a lot of poor reviews, you can cross that one off your list. This way, you won’t waste time checking out a facility that isn’t safe.
  • Seek Referrals. Ask around. It’s likely you have other family members or friends who have an elderly loved one in a long-term care facility. Ask for recommendations. If you find a facility you like, their opinions and experiences can help you make a more informed decision.
  • Visit the Facilities. You’ll never know what to except if you choose a nursing home without visiting it. Set up a time to see the facility, speak with the staff, chat with the residents, have a meal, and examine the residents’ quarters. You’ll want to make note of the things you see, hear, and smell. If, at any point, something seems unhygienic or you have concerns, speak with a staff member to learn what’s going on.
  • Ask Questions. Prior to going on your visit, compile a list of questions. You could ask about the medical staff, their experience handling various medical conditions, their emergency procedures, social activities, and more. Once you’ve arrived, you can speak with the residents as well. You’ll want to find out if they’re comfortable, how they feel about the food, and if they’re receiving the care and attention they need.

If you think you’ve found the right nursing home, there are state and federal resources you can access to ensure your choice is a good one.

Kentucky’s Long-Term Care Facility Resources

If you’re scrolling through lists of nursing homes and are feeling overwhelmed, you can weed out the ones you don’t want using the Medicare Nursing Home Compare tool. This directory has information on every Medicare and Medicaid-certified long-term care facility in the country.

If, for example, you search for Lexington, Kentucky, you’ll see a number of results pop up. They are rated on the following categories: Overall Rating, Health Inspections, Staffing, Quality Measures, and Distance. The system uses stars to rate the facilities, so you’ll know how good a facility is based on how many stars they’ve received. You can choose up to three nursing home to compare at a time.

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services also has resources to help you ensure your loved one’s skilled nursing facility is safe. With their Nursing Home Inspection Findings, you can read reports on the nursing homes in the states. These inspection findings will discuss any complaints or incident reports that were filed. They will also label each nursing home as In Compliance or Not in Compliance, so you can get an idea about each facility’s deficiencies.

Sometimes, even a nursing homes that seemed top notch can end up being unsafe. If your loved one was harmed in any way at their facility, you can take legal action on their behalf. All nursing home residents deserve quality care. No matter whether a staff member intentionally abused or unintentionally neglected a resident, they should be held accountable for their actions.

Going up against a skilled nursing facility can be challenging. That’s why our lawyers represent victims and their families, so compensation can be retrieved and the facility can be disciplined. To learn more about how you can help your loved one get out of a dangerous situation, schedule a free consultation with us today.

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