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When Can a Broken Bone Be a Sign of a More Serious Injury?

Published on May 14, 2020 at 6:09 pm in Personal Injury.

X-ray of broken bone

A broken bone is an injury that causes pain and requires plenty of attention on its own. When there is a more serious injury that either caused or was caused by the bone fracture, though, there can be even more pain and recovery time to handle. Since there are over one million bone fractures every year in our country, it’s important for you to know what else the break could mean.

At Golden Law Office, we understand that a broken bone can cause more problems than just pain. Unexpected medical bills, lost wages, and the emotional toll can put a strain on your life and relationships just as much as the physical pain. Our experienced lawyers in Lexington are prepared to fight for you and help you get back to your normal life.

What Causes a Broken Bone?

Sometimes, a broken bone is caused by a dangerous situation, like a traumatic event. Car accidents, falls, and sporting accidents can all lead to serious bodily injuries, like broken bones. The impact from any of these situations can be forceful enough to cause a fracture, which can quickly become worse if it breaks the skin. Even though most bone breaks just affect the bone, sometimes the fracture is severe and affects other areas around it. Compound fractures occur when the bone breaks through the skin and exposes it to more infection.

If you weren’t in an accident of some kind and a bone breaks, that could be a sign about your health. Stress fractures are a type of break that show there could be an underlying factor that caused your broken bone. For example, if you have low bone density or inadequate calcium intake, you could get a stress fracture without a traumatic impact. The fracture could alert your physician about your underlying problem and you could easily get your health back on track.

On very rare occasions, a broken bone can be a sign of an even more serious health complication, like cancer. If cancer has metastasized near or around a bone, it can weaken the bone, and cause it to break.

What Can a Broken Bone Cause?

When you get a broken bone from a traumatic event, it’s probable that you suffered from other injuries as well that could be even more serious. As mentioned above, if your bone fracture is severe, it could break the skin and give you a greater risk of infection. An infection in your broken bone would be dangerous because it might prevent you from healing properly, or worse, the infection could get into your blood and give you blood poisoning.

Even worse, a broken bone could take the attention away from other injuries you sustained from a traumatic event, like other internal injuries. The impact or the broken bone could have harmed surrounding organs and caused internal bleeding that doctors might not catch until later because they were focusing on your broken bone. If you develop a fever, you might be experiencing serious complications from your fracture, and should seek further medical attention to be evaluated.

When a broken bone has affected the way you live day to day, you’ll want a personal injury lawyer who knows how to fight for you so you can attempt to get back to your daily life. You might be dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other costs from the accident that caused your fracture, and the costs could keep piling up. An attorney from Golden Law Office in Lexington could be the lifeline you need to make a financial recovery so you can focus on your physical recovery. Contact our office today so we can begin to discuss your potential claim.

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