Medical Device/Medication Effects

Any time a company seeks to introduce a new medication or medical device to the consumer public, the medications and medical devices must be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA compiles studies on the medications and medical devices and issues warnings about the safety hazards and side effects inherent in the medication or device. However, the large companies who invest millions, if not billions, of dollars in research and development for the new medications or devices, may not like the consumer to see all the harmful potential consequences of using their medication or medical device. As a result, these large corporations may  mask, mislead or hide the real consequences and dangers of their product.


Matters involving medication and device defects are often difficult and expensive to litigate. However, the injuries suffered as a result of medication and device defects are often catastrophic and life changing both for the injured and their family. Golden Law Office is experienced in dealing with teams of experts to determine all at-fault parties, the nature of the defect, and the consequences of the defect.

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