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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Head Injury?

Published on Mar 6, 2017 at 8:46 pm in Blog.

head injury A head injury is a serious trauma that could have a lasting impact on both your medical and financial future. If you or a loved one has suffered bodily injury to the head as a result of a slip, fall, car accident, or other incident, you may be entitled to legal compensation in order to help pay for your recovery and plan for your future.

From concussions to traumatic brain injury (TBI), here’s what you need to know about your legal rights as an injury victim and how to get help from a brain injury lawyer for your case.

  • Identifying Your Legal Claim
    Negligence is the most common legal basis for most head injury claims. In this type of situation, you will need to provide evidence that another party was at fault for your injury because of a failure to provide adequate safety measures or assume reasonable responsibility for their actions. A drunk driver, for example, could be said to be negligent; in fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of TBI-related deaths, especially among 20- to 24-year-olds.
  • Finding a Specialized Lawyer
    Head injuries involve complex medical issues and legal arguments. It is not enough to simply show that head trauma occurred — you also need evidence that such injuries were directly tied to the accident at hand. For this reason, it’s important to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience in head or brain injury cases, whether your accident happened at work, on the road, or while using a faulty product.

  • Preparing Your Case
    Unlike blatant bodily injuries such as a broken bone or laceration, damage to the brain can be difficult to identify with the naked eye. You and your brain injury lawyer will need to work together to provide extensive evidence about the nature of your injuries and their relation to your accident. The more information you can provide about the details of your case, the better chance you have of creating an effective legal argument that will earn you the compensation you deserve to help put your life back on track.

Don’t let something as serious and life-altering as a head injury go unresolved. After speaking with your doctor, find an attorney who can help you build your case and make sure that you have the tools and resources you need to make amends and secure the safety of your future.

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