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Golden Law Office State-Wide Expansion includes New Salyersville Office and Workers’ Compensation Practice

Published on Feb 1, 2022 at 2:42 pm in News.

When retaining Golden Law Office, the citizens of Eastern Kentucky can be comforted to know that they will have legal representation that appreciates their perspective. Eastern Kentucky natives Kellie Collins and Taylor Shepherd of the Golden Law Office are anchoring the firm’s expansion into Eastern Kentucky with the opening of their office in Salyersville, Kentucky. With the opening of the Salyersville office, Attorney John “Jack” Collins will become “Of Counsel” to the Golden Law Office, providing his more than 40 years of experience and knowledge of Eastern Kentucky and its courts to the clients of Golden Law Office.

What Happens to Your Body in a Rear End Collision?

Published on Jan 27, 2022 at 6:59 pm in Car Accidents.

Back injury

Getting into any kind of crash can affect your body. Whether it was a minor fender bender or a high-impact collision, your body could suffer serious injuries that could potentially impact the rest of your life. You should know what kinds of injuries you could suffer after a rear end collision so that you can better understand what kind of effects that type of car accident could have on you.

What Happens When a Parked Truck on a Highway Causes an Accident?

Published on Jan 13, 2022 at 8:17 pm in Truck Accidents.

Parked trucks

Many of us have heard incidents of parked big rig accidents mentioned in local news reports. A small passenger vehicle traveling on the highway fails to see a tractor trailer parked on the shoulder of the road or exit ramp and strikes the much-larger truck—resulting in a serious crash and, many times, fatality. These accidents often occur at night, and frequently under conditions of inclement weather like rain, snow, or fog.

How Are Wrongful Death Settlements Paid Out?

Published on Dec 17, 2021 at 3:22 pm in Wrongful Death.

Person signing paper

When a loved one’s life has been lost because of the negligent or intentional actions of another party, you may be able to seek justice through a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death settlement will not replace your loved one’s presence in your life, but it could provide crucial compensation. This compensation may be used to ease the financial burden on your family, such as to cover medical bills, to supplement lost wages, and more. These cases can be complicated and stressful, so it is important that you reach out to an experienced wrongful death lawyer for representation.

New Kentucky Laws in 2022

Published on Dec 10, 2021 at 1:12 pm in Legal Information.

Justice statue with scales and sword

As a resident of Kentucky, it’s important to stay current on state laws and any proposed bills that could be coming into law in the coming year. That way, you understand what you need to do to continue being a law-abiding citizen. When you don’t stay up-to-date on new legislature, you could end up breaking the law without even knowing.

Who Do You Report Nursing Home Abuse To?

Published on Nov 18, 2021 at 6:47 pm in Nursing Home Abuse.

Man making phone call

If you are concerned about the well-being of a friend or family member residing in a nursing home, you may be looking into the process of filing a concern or complaint. This article provides guidance about how to report nursing home abuse and neglect in Kentucky.

How to Mentally Recover from a Car Accident

Published on Nov 15, 2021 at 9:26 pm in Car Accidents.

How to Mentally Recover from a Car Accident

After being in an accident that causes you injuries and damages, you might think that your physical recovery is all that matters. However, collisions can take a huge toll on your mental health as well. You could have trouble sleeping, be nervous to get back in a car, or suffer from other symptoms that show you’re mentally affected by the crash.

Even if the collision was minor, you could still be greatly affected mentally and emotionally from the experience, which makes it incredibly important to know how to recover.

Let’s take a look at how you can work towards mental and emotional recover after a car accident.

Texting and Driving Laws in Kentucky

Published on Nov 15, 2021 at 9:02 pm in Car Accidents.

Texting and Driving Laws in Kentucky

In this article we will provide an overview of the texting and driving laws in Kentucky, as well as state rules for mobile phone use while operating a motor vehicle. With further questions about Kentucky traffic laws or legal options following a car accident, reach out to an attorney with experience in car accident law, or truck accident law if your situation involves a commercial truck.

What Evidence Can Your Lawyer Use to Show a Driver Was Speeding?

Published on Sep 30, 2021 at 7:22 pm in Car Accidents.

Speedometer passing 80 mph

Speeding is one of the most common, and one of the most dangerous, behind-the-wheel behaviors. Driving too fast not only causes vehicular crashes, it also significantly increases the risk of fatalities in an accident. If you have been involved in a wreck with a speeding driver, you know the dangers of this risky and illegal action.

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