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Which Highway Lanes Are the Most Dangerous to Drive In?

Published on Jun 6, 2019 at 6:31 pm in Car Accidents.

Two road with multiple lanes

Many drivers depend on the highway every day. There are many kinds of highway lanes that each have their own set of dangers. When someone drives negligently and ignores the rules of the road, they can cause devastating car accidents. While you cannot stop another’s negligence, you may be able to decrease your risk of getting in an accident by knowing which parts of the highway might be the most statistically dangerous. We’ll discuss the different lanes and what you should look out for when driving in each.

Breaking Down the Dangers of Highway Lanes

If you were to take a guess as to which highway lane is the most dangerous, you may automatically think that it’s the left lane. Also called the fast lane, this is the lane people use to pass other cars on the right. They’re typically traveling a bit faster than those on the right, so it makes sense that people would think this has more dangers. However, crashes in the left lane are less common than those in the right. It should be noted that the crashes that do occur in the left lane tend to be more serious than those in the right. Left-lane crashes often result in more severe injuries and fatalities.

The right lane has other factors that drivers need to be aware of. People are constantly merging to join the highway or they’re trying to get over to exit. It’s common for people to get focused on making their exit or merging into the right lane that they forget to look for other cars around them. Merging is tricky and a driver may only check their rear-view mirrors to see if they’re clear. But a car could easily be in their blind spot or there could be a speeding car that’s about to catch up to the person merging. Missing these details and failing to adjust can result in collisions.

There’s also the kind of highway to consider. If the lanes are undivided, then there isn’t a median or other form of barrier between the lanes. When these lanes are high-speed, the danger of getting into a serious accident increases. Fast-moving vehicles will be driving and passing each other in close quarters. If someone were to make a mistake or misjudge their distance from the other vehicle, they could end up in a wreck.

While a divided lane provides more protection from oncoming traffic, this doesn’t mean that other drivers will drive safely. You could find that there are people speeding and weaving through traffic, cutting off other cars, and not understanding how they’re affecting others around them.

If you’re on a highway that is above two lanes, it’s most likely safest to be in an outermost lane. When you’re on the outer lane, you don’t have to worry about cars on both sides of you. Should an emergency occur, you have the option of pulling off the road and onto the shoulder. One main concern with multiple lane accidents is a second crash. For example, there’s a distracted driver ahead of you and they swerve into your lane and cause an accident. This may have only caused minor injuries. But now you’re stopped on a busy highway and the cars behind you may not be able to stop in time or have space to pull off, which can result in another crash that has more serious consequences.

Be Prepared for the Highway

This knowledge is not meant to scare you away from highways, but it’s important to be aware of the risks. You can use this information, not to be a timid driver, but to be a cautious, defensive driver. This means you don’t take unnecessary risks and you follow traffic laws. When more people are aware of how they can be a safer driver, it may help prevent collisions in the future.

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