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Lexington Daycare Lawyer

Placing your child in a daycare can be an emotional time. You want to pick the best place for them. Daycares have laws that keep the facilities safe, hygienic, and a good environment for young children. When they don’t follow these rules, children can get hurt. Negligent daycares can harm children and their age makes it difficult to vocalize any issues of abuse.

If your child has suffered from daycare abuse, you need a dependable and experienced Lexington daycare lawyer from Golden Law Office at your side. We understand how difficult this can be for you as a parent or guardian, and we will do everything we can to hold the negligent party responsible. We’ll work tirelessly to get you and your child justice and will fight for compensation for what you’ve both suffered.

What Are Signs of Daycare Negligence?

Daycares need attentive, compassionate people running them so nothing is overlooked. Growing kids are curious and often don’t have a concept of what’s dangerous. They need constant supervision and without it, kids can get hurt or in the worst cases, lose their lives.

Some children will start behaving differently if they’ve been subject to daycare negligence. They may cry or be upset at the thought of going to the daycare. Others may say they’re sick so they don’t have to go. A sudden and uncharacteristic habit of fighting could indicate abuse. Other major red flags include finding unexplained bruises or other physical injuries on your child.

 What Should a Reputable Daycare Have?

If you’re worried about the standards of your child’s daycare, you may not know how to investigate it. Keep an eye out for the following signs of a safe and responsible daycare:

  • Appropriate Caregiver to Child Ratio
  • Safety Standards and Access to First Aid
  • Children Are Hydrated and Nourished
  • Clean Restroom Facilities
  • Strict Policies Against Any Form of Abuse

If you notice that your daycare deviates from these points, like a poor caregiver to child ratio or a dirty environment, there’s a higher chance of negligence occurring. You may want to start looking at different daycares.

Get Help from an Experienced Lexington Daycare Lawyer

Dale has represented one of the largest child daycare centers in the nation in various litigation matters. He has handled matters including, but not limited to, shaken baby syndrome, sexual abuse, and licensing issues. Dale’s experience in state and federal court on these issues have led to a knowledgeable understanding of complex cases such as shaken baby syndrome and the expert proof necessary to establish such a claim.

In addition, Dale has defended a daycare worker who was criminally charged with abuse of a child. The gut-wrenching issues preset in daycare litigation requires the help of an attorney with a proven track record of results in this area of law. Dale can help your family in its greatest time of need. Get in touch with Golden Law Office today at (859) 469-5000. Children are our most valuable possessions and you deserve the best representation possible. There is no substitute for experience and success.

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