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How Successful Are Most Class Action Lawsuits?

Published on Jul 11, 2019 at 2:31 pm in Class Action.

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When a group of people have been hurt by something, such as a defective product, they may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit. In order for a class action claim to be valid, numerous people must have sustained similar injuries from using the product. Then, it’s typical for representatives of that group to sue on behalf of the large group that was harmed. The company being sued will usually agree to a settlement and the case will not go to trial. If you’re wondering about pursuing this kind of claim because of a negligent company, a Lexington class action lawsuit lawyer from Golden Law Office can help you.

There are probably many questions running through your head. Before making a decision about class action lawsuits, you should understand a few aspects of them. Let’s take a look at the advantages of class-action lawsuits.

Why Should You Join a Class Action Lawsuit?

Joining a class action lawsuit is often a practical option when a product or business has harmed or otherwise wronged a lot of people. While the damage everyone faced may not be financially significant enough to sue individually, a class action allows people to still get justice and hold the company accountable for their actions. When a class of people bands together, they can sue and the settlement can be worth a lot more.

There’s also the issue of the first-come first-served aspect of individual lawsuits. For example, if one person had significant injuries and sued the company for millions of dollars and they win, it will be a success for them. However, others with similar injuries will not be able to follow up with a similar lawsuit simply because the business will not have enough money to make that payment multiple times. A class-action allows everyone a fair legal shot at getting compensation.

This saves courts a lot of time and money in litigation costs. There aren’t multiple cases of the same issue and defendant, it’s all condensed into one court with one judge. You can also consider that you and the other members of the class action can raise the funds to have an experienced and skilled class action lawsuit attorney to represent your case. Some people may not be able to do this on their own.

What to Expect from a Class Action Lawsuit

The legal process can take a long time and if you’re not a representative, you may not always feel like you know what’s going on. However, this is easily remedied by contacting your class action lawsuit attorney. They’ll always answer your questions and keep you up to speed on the newest developments.

When it comes to determining how successful most class action lawsuits are, it depends on how you define successful. If you think that success means the company settling, then you have a good chance of having a successful lawsuit. If success means you’re getting a large sum of money no matter what, you may need to rethink your idea of successful.

Depending on the lawsuit, it may be unreasonable for you to believe you’ll be getting a million dollar compensation check. While the final settlement could indeed be high, you then have to remember that the lawyers need to be paid for their legal services, and then the total is divided equally among the class. The severity of the harm that the negligent party caused and the size of the group will also factor in to the amount you receive. If you have any questions, you can ask your attorney about the compensation they’re fighting for and they can give you realistic expectations of the final settlement.

Golden Law Office Can Represent You

Our attorneys are well-versed in class action lawsuits and understand what you’re going through. While the idea of being involved in a class action and a legal matter that involves many people may sound overwhelming, we’re here to make sure your voice is heard. There is no excuse for when a company acts negligently or causes preventable harm to others. Your class action lawsuit is an opportunity to let that company know that their actions will not be tolerated.

If you’re considering joining a class action lawsuit, having the right representation is important for your success. Get in touch with our attorneys today and so we can discuss your legal options. From there, we’ll help you find a path to financial recovery.

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